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Releasing Your Anger for Good
We live in a world of pain, loss, abuse, rejection and divorce. Anger is a natural response. But if it’s natural, does that mean you’re stuck with anger for life? Or is there a way to release that anger and move on?

“Releasing Your Anger for Good!” is a Care Group that helps you see anger as a God-given emotion. It teaches you how to express anger constructively and release it for good through forgiveness. Many people choose to hang onto anger, feeling it will “protect” them by keeping people away and control how others treat them. But eventually anger stops working. It, instead, controls you and ruins your life. The truth is you can move on. You can change. Life can be good again.

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COST: No cost.


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Care Groups Disclaimer
All participants acknowledge that they are receiving spiritual help and that more ongoing, pervasive difficulties need to be handled by referral to an outside resource. Care Groups are not meant to be therapy or treatment and the leaders are not to be viewed as counselors.